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A little about me. In my normal life, I am a civil engineer who sits behind a desk everyday. I got married to my wonderful husband in 2006. Since meeting him and our many days of eating out and less working out, my weight started to creep up. In August 2007 my girlfriend wanted to get back in shape after her pregnancy. She talked me into running weekly with her. I agreed, and this began my plan to get my body back in shape. I wanted to add some additional workouts to my run, so I pulled out my old Slim in 6 videos. At the same time, I re-found the online message boards at Beachbody where I meet a lot of great people who kept me committed to my fitness goals. I also found a great coach who was there everyday to help me stay on track! Today, I'm still working to sculpt my body and get it into the best shape ever. As I have progressed through my body's transition, I decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach to help others reach their fitness goals! I realized it was easier then I thought, and I really believe others can change their lives too!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A little more about Beachbody and Coaching

I've put a quick video together to help you learn a little more about Beachbody and their coaching opportunities.  Please take a few minutes and watch, then email me with any of your questions.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are You a Personal Trainer Looking to Grow Your Business?

If you are a personal trainer and looking to grow your business, then maybe you should consider becoming a Beachbody Coach!

A Unique & Proven Business Plan for Personal Trainers – That WORKS…

Learn how you could earn a five-figure per month income, effectively manage hundreds of clients, while increasing overall client retention, with the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program!*

The Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program is a proven program and system that produces incredible results, and has thousands of client success stories and testimonials from across the country.

Almost every industry or business goes through “It” at some point. Those that embrace “It” are typically rewarded with a growing business, at a much more accelerated pace, higher income earnings, and a more secure future. Those who do not embrace “It” and try and hold on to the “old school” method of thinking and doing things are typically left behind, and they ultimately see their businesses suffer – and sometimes even fail. So what is “It?” 

"It" is Called a Paradign Shift!

According to Wikipedia, the term "paradigm shift represents the notion of a major change in a certain thought-pattern - a change in personal beliefs, complex systems or organizations, replacing the former way of thinking or organizing with a different way of thinking or organizing.

A paradigm shift is a company called Starbucks that comes along and takes a .50 cent cup of coffee and charges you triple the price, and thousands of people gladly line up each day and hand over their hard earned money for this “designer coffee.”

A paradigm shift is currently taking place in the Personal Trainer industry and we can uniquely help you adjust your business to not only take advantage of this new change, but to also thrive and see your business take off to an entirely new level, surpassing your competition who is either unaware of this change, or simply refuses to embrace the changing environment.

We all know personal trainers deliver a valuable, and much needed service, helping people learn about fitness, good form, nutrition, and how to eat properly. You work closely with your clients on a one-on-one basis, assisting them through each of their workouts, counting reps, pushing and encouraging them to go to the next rep - the next level. You typically charge them by the hour or session, and hope you do a good enough job that they stay with you for several months, six months, a year, or longer… if you are good at what you do and your service is affordable for your clients.

Important Facts to Consider Regarding Your Industry - and YOUR Own Business

You realize how fixed your income potential is – because you are locked into the hours you are able to actually work each day.
Let's say you can effectively serve 5 to 8 clients a day, 6 days a week. That's a approximately 30 to 48 client hours each week, and you ONLY get paid if there are no cancellations.

What about the current state of the economy? When it comes to paying the mortgage, the car payment(s), food, braces, etc., and cuts have to be made in the family budget, is a personal trainer, or even a gym membership, a necessity or a “luxury” that is one of the first items cut from the budget? We all know the answer to that – maybe you have already experienced this! And the economy is expected to continue to get worse.

As the sole owner, operator, and personal trainer to all your clients, the only way to expand your business is to either work longer hours (if you can), or increase how much you charge, while your competition is lowering what they charge in hopes of stealing your business.

What happens if you get sick or injured for any length of time? Your income and livelihood could be seriously impacted – right? What happens if you take a vacation? You pay both the cost of the vacation plus the cost of lost income from not being able to work your business. So, like many trainers, you forgo vacation plans and put them on hold for another time.

Have you ever lost a client to another personal trainer because you had to cancel an appointment, were sick, or any other number of reasons a client may decide to move on to another trainer? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky because it happens all the time!

Speaking of losing clients, what is your plan and cost to acquire new clients? How fast are you currently able to get new clients if you were to suddenly lose one or two of them?

What about a retirement plan? Do you currently have one? Most personal trainers are just getting by and have no real way to save or start building a retirement nest egg.

The Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program can uniquely help
 you solve any or all of these problems, while at the same time
providing you with an additional income stream…

The Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program Will Turn the Personal Trainer Industry Upside Down and Now You Can Be One of the First to Capitalize on this Powerful Trend!

IMPORTANT Note: The Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program can be run in conjunction with your current business model on a part-time or full-time basis – you decide which works best for you based on your current situation.

Following is a high level overview of the benefits you will enjoy as a Beachbody® Coach when you implement the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program into your current business:

  • Build your business Nationwide and effectively manage and get paid on hundreds and even thousands of clients you are training – from all across the country!*
  • Build your business to a level where even if you were to ever get injured or sick for any length of time, you could actually still have income coming in – and possibly even see your business grow during this unexpected downtime!
  • Take a vacation for a week, ten days, two weeks, or more, and depending how well you have followed our proven program and built your overall business, you could be getting paid each week, and you could even see your income increase while you were away! Plus, with a laptop and an internet connection you can build and manage your business from just about anywhere!
  • Beachbody® currently spends about $70 million dollars per year on infomercials and other advertising which currently generates between 15,000 and 30,000 paying clients each week. As an Active Beachbody® Coach you can start having these paying clients placed into your business.*
  • Work the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program in conjunction with your current business model (part-time or full-time), and then adjust accordingly. Eventually you may find that you might work your current business model 50% of the time, and the new Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program the other 50% of the time. Then, like many of our Coaches, you may eventually decide to work 100% with the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program. It’s entirely up to you!
  • All of Your clients, including any of your current clients, can play our FREE Million Dollar Body Game and have a chance to win $300 or $1,000 each day they work out with you (whether you are working with them in person or they are on their own). 

How Much Does The Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program Cost?

The real question here should be, what will the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program cost if you don’t take advantage of it? However, for less than $100 to get started, and about $70 per month, you can get started with the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program as a Beachbody® Coach. Then, just follow the “Simple Steps to Your Journey to Success…” below and you will be on your way to getting 30 to 100 paying clients placed in your business each month.* 

Simple Steps on Your Journey to Success with the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program

1.  Start by working toward signing up ten new clients from anywhere across the country (we will show you how to do this) to work out and train with you (both locally, and virtually via e-mail) using Beachbody’s proven and effective exercise programs. Simply place your new Virtual Flex Program clients on any one of Beachbody’s 6 week to 90 day exercise programs like; Power 90®, Turbo Jam®, P90X®, Slim in 6®, or Hip Hop Abs® - based on your clients exercise preferences.

You work closely with and train your clients for just the first few weeks or so of their chosen exercise program to make sure their form is accurate, they stay consistent with their workouts, and to answer any questions they may have. Then, you simply follow up with them from time to time via e-mail to check on their progress. Our community of peer support will also help your clients stay on track with their fitness goals, proper nutrition, and motivation.

2.  Next, make sure your clients sign up as members of the Team Beachbody® Club. They will enjoy numerous benefits that will save them both time and money. When your clients join the Club it will instantly increase your credibility and could even generate you an additional ongoing income stream – even if your clients discontinue using your Coaching services.

Studies show a person can lose three times more weight with online nutrition and diet support. When your clients join the Team Beachbody® Club they get access to all the following VIP benefits...

  • They get immediate access to several online calculators (caloric needs, nutrition, BMI, body fat, etc.), along with personalized meal plans and numerous healthy recipes to choose from. They will learn about the right foods to eat, in the right portions, so there's no guesswork. As their personal trainer, once you take your client through the Club once or twice they will be on their own to use these valuable tools whenever they want to. You save valuable time and get paid when they renew their Club membership each quarter.
  • They will enjoy extra help with Team Beachbody’s Trainer Tips and Thin Kitchen. In these online videos, your client’s favorite exercise trainers show them the best ways to do their moves, plus they will learn how to cook, eat properly and live thin! 
  • They get live access to fitness and diet experts, message boards and an exciting online community consisting of thousands of other like-minded individuals who are all doing similar things your clients will be doing.
  • They will also enjoy an additional 10% savings on all Beachbody nutrition and fitness products which will help them transform their body and maximize their results!
  • In addition to the free Million Dollar Body Game, all your clients have the opportunity to win amazing Transformation Contest prizes. As a Club member, your clients can submit their success story for an opportunity to win the monthly Transformation Contest prizes consisting of two $10,000 winners and six $1,000 winners. They could even go on and compete for the Transformation Contest Annual Grand Prize consisting of two $250,000 winners and six $50,000 winners!

3.  Lastly, suggest that your clients sign up as a Beachbody® Coach so their sessions with you can eventually pay for themselves. This benefit alone has the possibility to dramatically increase your revenue stream.*

A Simple Key Factor to Success that Almost Every Personal Trainer Overlooks!

Make sure every one of your new clients take their before photo and measurements, and get them to set up their online profile in the Team Beachbody® Club.

You will also want to make sure all of your clients log every workout in Team Beachbody’s exclusive WOWY (Work Out With You) online gym so you can check up on their progress. Plus, each day your clients log their work out in WOWY they are eligible to win the free daily WOWY prize drawing of $300 or $1,000!

How You Could Receive Hundreds of Paying Client Referrals* 

In exchange for you helping your clients to become “independently healthy” (and for a VERY small cost compared to what you would normally charge them), part of your clients agreement with you is they refer a minimum of two or more clients to you. Some of them will and some won't. However, on the other hand, some of them will also refer a lot more than two clients to you when they begin to experience amazing results and brag about how they “did it on their own,” with YOUR (virtual) help!

30 Day Follow Up Assessment and Accountability Tracking to Solidify You Clients Relationship

You set a follow up appointment to get together with your client, either in person if possible, or via e-mail or a phone call, to take their first 30 day progress report (update their after photo and take new measurements). This key aspect of the program has proven to lock them into accountability and helps secure their relationship with you.

You also make sure your clients enter their results in the Transformation Contest each month - because they could win the $1,000 or $10,000 prizes if they make progress and have a compelling success story. And you, as their Coach, can get rewarded too when your clients win because Team Beachbody® will pay you a 10% bonus of the $1,000 and $10,000 winners ($100 or $1,000) who are your clients.

Exponential Client Growth & Financial Benefits

Because of the proven success of this program, you will find that more and more of your clients will want to become Coaches - just like you. Why? Because the results they get with Beachbody programs, combined with your (virtual) Coaching, are so quick and so dramatic, that their friends, family and co-workers naturally start asking them what they are doing to get in such great shape. It becomes a natural fit for the clients you successfully coach to want to become Beachbody Coaches themselves.

As new client referrals continue to come in for you and your team of Coaches (from everyone’s personal referrals and Beachbody’s $70 million dollar annual advertising campaign), you simply continue to work closely with your growing team to help them build their respective Coaching teams. Then, you could see your organization of clients and Coaches grow from a few clients and Coaches, to hundreds and maybe even thousands of satisfied clients and Coaches all across the nation – all contributing to you eventually seeing your income grow to 5 figures per month.*

Putting it All Together…

Here's how the overall math works without getting into the specific income side of things – which, by the way, can be quite substantial as it currently is for many of our Coaches:

Instead of coaching a total of 5 to 8 clients on a one-on-one basis in the short time you have each day (like you may be doing now), your new goal with the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program is to personally sign up ten or so new clients each month - with the help of your current client referrals. You are still always training ten or so people each month, but once they have learned the program with your help, they are now placed on your “maintenance program” (including supplements if you feel they are appropriate). Now your earnings from your clients become passive, rather than direct trainer earnings, and you are no longer just trading your valuable time for dollars.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, because of the dramatic success many of your clients will experience from Beachbody exercise programs, many of them naturally choose to become Coaches themselves and start building their own Coaching businesses. And you can get paid eight different ways from 

everything they do, and so on down through an unlimited number of Coaches and clients in your organization.

At the end of the year, you could have 100 or so personal clients contacting (e-mailing) you from time to time for refreshers, to take progress photos and measurements, and to ask questions regarding other Beachbody exercise programs they may be interested in purchasing. However, your overall Team Beachbody business could have grown to hundreds and even thousands of clients and Coaches – all building you a nice income that allows you to work the days and hours YOU want to work.* With Team Beachbody your income potential is almost unlimited, because you are leveraging the success of other Coaches and clients you have coached in your organization. 


You have created your own network of peer to peer support; People who are thanking YOU for getting them started on the right path (both physically and financially), and for helping them achieve success under their own power for the long term.

The Bottom Line and Your Ultimate Reward

The end result – With the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program you now have the opportunity to make more money than you ever could working your business as you currently do, and your clients are rewarded for getting healthy and referring people into the program for you. EVERYONE is a more independent, empowered and healthy person. Doesn’t it now make more sense that your Clients don't need your individual help counting reps? They simply need to be empowered to succeed on their own once they know what they're doing! Then, they simply continue to enjoy the Beachbody exercise programs and possibly “upgrade” and become a Coach like you! This truly is a win, win solution for everyone.

By the way, this same formula and the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program, works for doctors who see patients that need help losing weight, gyms, chiropractors, nutritionists, and other health care providers. The point here is to empower people to be independently healthy, and you, your clients, and your Coaches reap the rewards in every way!

I am sure at this point may you have several questions – and maybe even some concerns you would like addressed. There are also some additional details regarding the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex Program and the compensation program that I would like to discuss with you, along with some additional benefits I have not covered here. For instance, every exercise program and even the business itself come with a full 30 day, no risk, money back guarantee. So you and your clients really have nothing to lose and everything to gain for at least giving the Personal Trainer Virtual Flex program a try.

Please contact me via e-mail at HeatherB@BeachbodyCoach.com so we can set a time to get together and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Best regards,


* The Beachbody lead generation program and income potential is based on the information outlined in our policies and procedures, and the Beachbody Coach Compensation Program. How many clients you receive and how fast you get them is based solely upon how well you build your business along with your ability to reach and maintain Emerald Coach status. Your results and income will vary. Please read the Team Beachbody Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures, and the Team Compensation program for complete details.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What Does it Take to Get Started?

It's so easy to get started!  All you need to do is complete this short form, and you are on your way!  When you click this link, you will be able to get additional information.

What does it cost to sign up?
  • There is a one time start up fee of $39.95.
  • There is a $14.95 monthly fee.
  • To remain an active coach, you must maintain 50 Personal Volume Points.  This is based on your sales.  You can earn PV points either through your personal orders or through your coachees orders! 
That's it!  You meet these minimal requirements, and you have successfully started your own business!  

What Do I Get When I Sign Up?
  • Beachbody Revolution Business Kit. Step-by-step training and marketing materials show you how to start earning—even from day one—and grow your business quickly.
  • 3 training DVDs. Maximize your weight loss and earnings!
  • Your Web store loaded with amazing products. We'll set up a Web site for you in minutes and you can start taking orders right away. Get paid a commission on every sale through your store—that means a check is in the mail the very next week!  (You can see an example of the Beachbody and how I modified it by going to www.HeatherBuchman.com.)

Plus you get Free Support Tools to Guarantee Your Success!
  • Bonus #1 Thirty days of FREE access to your Coach online office with everything you need to manage and grow your business . . . and training Webinars, sales tracking, news, events calendar, and easy-to-use marketing materials.
  • Bonus #2 Plus you'll even get your very own Beachbody Coach to show you the ropes and answer any questions you may have!

How do I Start My Home Fitness Business?

You can become an Independent Coach for Beachbody!  You can help others to succeed in their health and fitness goals and get paid to do it!

Who is Beachbody and what do they do?

Beachbody is a company that focuses on health and fitness that you can achieve at home!  They have produced a ton of fitness videos that you may have seen in infomercials.  These programs include:  P90x, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, ChaLEAN Extreme, Slim in 6, Project You - Type 2.

This company is about the whole package of achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Their program includes: providing community support and motivation, and providing high quality supplements, providing trainer tips, meal plans, and other tools to help you succeed!

Beachbody offers a free coach to all their customers.  Coaches, are there to help them succeed in their health and fitness journey.  Coaches are their for support, motivation and to answer questions!  Coaches are a big part in the success of the customers reaching their goals!

You can become a coach, and get paid to help others succeed in reaching their goals!  I'll go into more details of this in a separate post.

This was written by Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody.

Jon and I founded Beachbody in 1998 with the goal of helping people achieve their goals and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. We've created many of the nation's most popular in-home fitness and weight loss solutions. Thousands of people have already lost 25 pounds, 40 pounds, and even over 60 pounds while they earned money every time their weight loss inspired someone new to start exercising!

In 2007, we paid over five million dollars to our Coach distributors for transforming their bodies and their health, and for helping other people do the same. This year, we plan on paying out up to $15 million!

We spend millions a week advertising our weight loss products on the major TV stations and cable networks. When you become a Coach, we want people who see our advertising to buy these products from your Website so you earn the commission. Best of all, if inspire somebody to get healthy and become a Coach, you even get a share of all their sales, too!

Here's to your success!

What is the Beachbody Coaching Business?

It's simple with "The Beachbody Revolution™—Turn Your Weight Loss into Profit" system . . . the breakthrough income opportunity that's perfect for YOU!
  • Earn money while losing weight and helping others do the same
  • Be your own boss, work from home, part-time or full—it's up to you!
  • Get started for only $39.95 and no inventory costs
  • Guaranteed results and profit—or your money back!

What Does Beachbody Do for You?

 Advertising - $85 million this year!

 Product Inventory - They hold all inventory, you do not need to have anything "in stock"
• Order Processing from your Website - You get your own website, your customers order through your site, Beachbody takes care of everything else!
• Billing - Again, Beachbody does all the work.  No money needs to be going through your hands.  The bills and payment are directly through Beachbody!

• Shipping  - When your customers order through your website, Beachbody really does take care of it all!

• Customer Service -Beachbody has direct customer service available to all your customers.  They also have a separate Coach Relations, to help you with all your  business questions!

Here's What You Do:

 Get Fit and Healthy - It's easy to lead by example!  So, lead a healthy lifestyle and your customers will want to follow your example!  Plus, you become a walking billboard!

• Tell Everyone You Know What You're Doing! 
• It's that easy! 

The Beachbody Compensation Plan

Here is a brief overview of the Beachbody Compensation Plan.

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings  for the most recent information on the actual incomes for all our Coaches.